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How to promote sustainable practices in the cosmetics Business

Creating environmentally friendly cosmetics is not just a product development exercise: It is also about promoting sustainable practices throughout the business environment allows us to optimize development, production, saving resources and conserving raw materials. In order to analyze the strategy to follow if we want to achieve a more sustainable beauty and personal care industry, we listen to our expert in Sustainability, Quality and Environment, David de los Santos, our Director of QHSE at Provital.


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The technological evolution of Cosmetics research

Certainly, we know much more about the properties and cellular skin behavior today, and as the number of well-informed consumers grows, so do their expectations. To put us in context, Dr. Blanca Martínez (R&D Manager at Provital) explains the evolution of methodologies and measurement techniques in the dynamic world of cosmetics’ research.


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Detangling natural certifications and regulations

The use of certifications and signs has become an essential issue to instill confidence amongst consumers. However, the lack of international standards and regulations established by national and international authorities can be confusing even for brands trying to develop natural lines or products. To tackle this, we listen to Provital’s greatest expert in cosmetic regulation: Lourdes Mayordomo, Head of Product Safety and Regulatory Affairs at Provital, and a member of the SEQC.