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The Essential Steps Towards Sustainability

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Why should
companies switch
to sustainable now?

Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of issues surrounding sustainability. Consistent media attention on topics such as plastic pollution has put the environment at the forefront of consumers’ minds, and meanwhile, social media pressure compels them to act. This decade, it’ll be brands that create green, recyclable, and ethical products that will stand out. Labels that take the lead in educating consumers about sustainability will be best placed to benefit from the increased demand for eco-friendly cosmetics.

What's inside: the steps your company needs to follow

  • Support biodiversity and promote traceability: make your brand pave the way for a more sustainable industry
  • Work towards a zero-waste value chain to
    attain a circular economy: commit to a zero-waste cosmetic brand 
  • Promote social sustainability through Access and Benefit Sharing: your brand is expected to conduct business ethically
  • Choose the right sustainable supplier: acknowledge what to look for in an eco-friendly cosmetic supplier

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A recent study shows that 52% of BPC consumers choose products that are made with natural ingredients, while environmental concerns are a primary reason for buying natural/organic toiletries. By reading this Ebook you will understand how to meet the increasing demand for eco-friendly cosmetics, and learn the essential steps for making your brand move towards a more sustainable approach.