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Certifications in natural cosmetics

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Build trust with your consumers

Natural cosmetics are experiencing an ongoing boom worldwide. Increasingly educated and conscious consumers have driven this demand for the cosmetic market to provide products aligned with their values and lifestyles, in the search for an industry that is considered both safe for humans and the environment.

Sustainable, cruelty-free and clean-beauty requirements have become new industry targets that translate into coherent actions: from ethical ingredient sourcing to eliminating petrochemical products and ingredients from their formulation and even adopting new packaging practices, brands are rethinking their products’ processes as a whole.

These certification programs prove to consumers that cosmetic brands have worked to transform their natural narrative into tangible actions.

What's inside:

This ebook contains all you need to know about the main certifications in:

  • Organic and natural cosmetics
  • Vegan cosmetics
  • Cruelty-free cosmetics
  • Clean Beauty cosmetics
  • Sustainable cosmetics
  • Halal cosmetics

Why you should download it:

These certifications build trust and brand-image for companies, as they provide a specific way to prove their natural cosmetics’ claims. Certification bodies establish if their criteria can be applied to a single product or a product line, or if it’s necessary for a whole brand to adhere to the certification’s practices.