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Boundless cosmetic testing

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Find out the impact that current scientific advances are having on the creation of innovative cosmetic ingredients

New technologies always bring with them new possibilities. As a result of these technological innovations, cosmetic science is making progress in the research of skin behaviour at cellular and even molecular level, but also in the development of more comprehensive and ethical tests.

What will find inside

  • Discover the main and most pioneering technologies that are leading the current breakthrough in cosmetic science
  • 3 key techniques that are transforming the next generation of in vitro testing
  • The breakthrough of Big Data in new cosmetic techniques
  • The new opportunities offered by skin tissue engineering in cosmetic in vitro testing
  • Provital's commitment to developing new techniques and in-house in vitro studies

Why to download it?

The cosmetics industry is constantly undergoing changes due to the continuous development of technology. By reading this Whitepaper, you will understand which are the most innovative techniques and in vitro cosmetic experiments and how cosmetic companies must deal with these changes; innovating on efficacy claims and optimising their products development