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2030 beauty trends accelerated after COVID-19

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Find out how COVID-19 has changed the BPC market

COVID-19 has impacted every single aspect of consumer lifestyles, and this has naturally translated into changes of behaviour, including consumer behaviour. At a time of great transformation, specially for the beauty and personal care industry, this sanitary and economic crisis has accelerated two main trends, which were already shaping the market before: technology and communication and sustainability and brand ethics. Brands that best react to them, will be ready to face an increasingly competitive BPC market.  

What's inside: what has shifted and top tips to stay relevant

  • Discover the consumer-behaviour transformations: how BPC brands must address them. 
  • 3 key movements: a new meaning for digital communications, science and health and sustainability, ethics and worker rights. 
  • How to attract consumers through digital beauty: a new role for digital marketing and sales strategies.
  • The importance of brand’s honesty and expert authority: rebuild trust through expert voices and science.
  • Create a community: be ready to originate memorable experiences.
  • Take the lead in ethics, sustainability and safety: don't get left behind and adapt to the current consumer purchasing habits.

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The post-COVID-19 world is seeing how connection to beauty and personal care brands is not only built around beauty standards and effective treatments, but also environmental and ethical factors. Many argue that there’s a new, exciting time ahead for the BPC industry and an unparalleled opportunity for product innovation. By reading this ebook you will understand the key transformations that are taking place at the moment and how your brand must respond to them.